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Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace Focusing on well-being at work presents a valuable opportunity to benefit societies by helping working individuals to feel happy, competent, and satisfied in their roles. This webinar will explore the benefits of addressing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace through developing positive approaches that focus on the positive aspects of work and employee strengths. Watch now
Supporting Vulnerable Clients There will be times when clients go through challenging stages in their lives, and as an adviser you may be called on to support. Whether this is due to physical, economic, social or emotional reasons this session aims to equip you with the skills to be able to identify vulnerability and provides some tips on how to best support your clients through these periods.

Supporting Vulnerable Clients is presented by OnePath’s Wellness and Rehabilitation Manager Alicia Gibbs and Consultative psychologist Anthea Hickey.
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The Holistic Adviser Advisers wear many different hats whilst supporting their clients, their team and colleagues, their family, as well as dealing with their own circumstances.

The aim of this presentation is to provide you with tools to help you support the MH&W of your clients and team.  You’ll learn useful tips along the way that you can also apply to yourself and loves ones.
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Winning Tips to Nail the FASEA Exam Yvonne Chu, Head of Technical Service and Professional Development at Australian Unity successfully sat the FASEA exam in June, will take you through her winning tips and personal study plan that will help you get the best results. Watch now
Creating your Own Mental Health Training Plan Vanessa Bennett is back in a session that will help you understand the mental health/ill heath continuum to determine a mental training plan for you. She’ll also provide you with some practical tools to improve and maintain your mental fitness during the pressure of exam time. Watch now
Rewiring your brain to conquer stresss Vanessa Bennett is back with a fresh new session that will help you identify and understand the external factors relating to inability to handle stress which leads to issues with brain wiring and understand these wiring issues and how thoughts and responses affect our brains.

This session will get your mind set exam-ready by understanding the neuroscience of stress and breathing to reset the amygdala and the neuroscience of negative automated thoughts leading to intermediate beliefs leading to core belief.
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Building Resilience for Financial Advice Businesses As the largest employment sector in Australia, small businesses are likely to encounter mental health issues in their workplace at some point. Being a SME owner can be challenging because you have multiple responsibilities, therefore it is important that SME owners are aware of their own mental health needs.  

This webinar will discuss the unique challenges that small and medium business owners face; the state of mental health and wellbeing of small to medium business owners; the impact of mental illness on business and provide practical strategies and tips for small and medium business owners to build their personal resilience.
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A Good Night's Sleep is great for your Mental Health and Wellbeing Sleep is as important to our health as eating, drinking and breathing. It allows our bodies to repair themselves and our brains to consolidate our memories and process information. Poor sleep is linked to physical problems such as a weakened immune system and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. This webinar will discuss why sleep matters, explore our sleep cycles and provide practical tips for quality sleep. Watch now
Stress-Resilient Mindful Leadership Research suggests that the inner world of the executive has remained largely neglected. For example, we rarely train leaders and managers to manage themselves. Vital qualities in today’s business world are “stress-resiliency” & psychological flexibility” – an ability to deal with constant change and uncertainty, to recover from adversity and respond effectively.

In this session you will learn how to manage your thinking & emotions during stressful situations, and how to lead others – especially during busy periods, or during stress or crisis.
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Building resilience and supporting your leadership superpowers! In recent times, financial advisers have lived through a period of significant upheaval as a result of increased regulations, new educational requirements and tightening of compliance requirements, not to mention the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. Personal resilience has been key to surviving and thriving through these challenging times.

In this Q&A event, Daisy will discuss her personal experiences as a leader of a high-performing team, and the strategies she uses to stay mentally strong and grounded in high-pressure situations.
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